STEM Park Tanga

The First Science Centre in Tanzania.

Science Exihibits

Stimulating curiosity and developing inquisitive mind.

Science Workshops

A space for students to improve their competencies.

ICT Workshops

Attaching technological skills to the young community.

We offer a platform for children, youth and community members to learn through interactive displays and hands on activities based on STEM education.

We collaborate with other organizations to make STEM education accessible and engaging. Join us today us in building the best now and future generation.


Children reached



Welcome to STEM Park Tanga

We believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education forms a foundation for lifelong learning and curiosity, At STEM Park we inspire children and youth to build on their innate desire for answers by exploring STEM activities in a fun, project based intergrated hands-on way. We offer afterschool programs, school visits, school outreaches, birthday parties, and special events designed to present participant with mind stimulating yet accessible STEM activities from which they can learn and grow. We are turning Ideas into reality.
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If you have passion for science consider becoming a volunteer at the STEM Park.

Inspire a child

Become a STEM role model for the younger generation through our special career guidance sessions.

Be a STEM Angel

Support our mission to create lifelong opportunity for children to learn STEM.


Upcoming events

6th Youth Bootcamp

Dec 27-31, 2021

Projekt Inspire will be hosting their 6th Youth annual bootcamp. This year's bootcamp theme is based on the use of technology for the better society.Applications are now open.

Rising steam stars Sessions

Evey Saturday

Join us on every Saturday for Rising STEAM stars sessions, we prepare activities that inspire learning science while paying.

Past events

Tanzania Youth Digital Summit

Aug-28, 2021

DOT hosted he biggest Youth digital summit around different regions in Tanzania.In Tanga TYDS were hosted at our STEM park grounds.

Coders and Makers Bootcamp

Aug 2-5, 2021

Coders and Makers initiative will be conducting a 4 days bootcamp aiming to inspirenext generation of will be conducted at STEM grounds.

Our Partners