STEM Park Tanga

The STEM Park serves as out of school resource center for children, youths and teachers in Tanga City. This is a product of Projekt Inpire, funded by Botnar in colaboration with Tanga city council. It is an educational facility located at Kisosora area. By creating a place where people can come together to explore, STEM Park Tanga offers an opportunity for children, adult and youth to learn and explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) phenomena. We rely mainly on the use of interactive displays, STEM exhibits events and activities. We also use new technologies, such as social media, web-based education programs and remote teaching and learning techniques. The Park provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning through practical experiments. In addition to providing hands on training, the park also serves as a comprehensive developmental program designed to train and inspire children to be prepared for a competitive labor and entrepreneurship market in the 21st century.
To improve the state of learning and teaching STEM subjects in Tanzania.
Our mission:
To create lifelong opportunity for children learn STEM education as a way to inspire critical thinking, creativity, innovation and collaboration.


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